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    Do you answer NO to any of the following questions?

    1. When a credit card payment is made over the phone, are the numbers hidden or muted from the agent – or can they hear them?
    2. Have your call recordings been audited for credit card numbers in the last six months?
    3. Have you checked your controls in the last six months to guide how your customer’s credit card data is captured, processed, transmitted, or stored?
    4. Do you outsource every aspect of your credit card collection to a PCI Compliant Service provider?
    5. Have you confirmed in the last 6 months that all third party(s) that are handling, accepting, storaging, processing, and/or transmiting cardholder data are PCI DSS compliant?
    6. Does the entirety of all your payment pages delivered to your consumer’s browser originates directly from a third party PCI DSS validated service provider.

    If you answered NO to any of these, you may not be PCI compliant. Click the button above to access your free personalised analysis.

    Together we’ll find out how you can become PCI compliant quickly and easily.

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