Contact Centre Solutions

SecureCo’s specialised PCI DSS Call Centre solutions enable businesses to deliver a premium customer experience while ensuring PCI DSS Compliance. Our solutions have been developed to securely capture customer payments in a compliant manner – either with the agent, webchat or via the IVR.

Phone Payments

Leveraging our specialised DTMF masking solution, SecureCo enables your agent to remain on the phone whilst taking a payment, while completely removing your agent and call centre from PCI-DSS scope.​

IVR Payments

A simple payment method that enables your customers to pay their bills 24/7, 365 days a year without the need for agent contact.

Webchat Payments

Enable businesses to accept webchat based payments in a compliant and secure manner, while ensuring an exceptional customer and agent experience.

Enterprise Voice Solutions

Access SecureCo’s multicarrier and high available SIP Voice solution at competitive calling rates

Toll-Free Voice Solutions

We can provide you managed or self-managed 13, 1300, 1800 and International Toll Free Services (ITFS) numbers at competitive market rates.

Voice Fraud and Identity Check

Seamless verification of callers by our risk assessment engines that learn to identify suspicious behaviour often associated with fraudulent callers.

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      SecureCo Solutions integrates the Cyber Security, Compliance and Payments worlds to deliver a powerful, simple and unified experience.

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