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Company's Vision

To be Australia’s best provider of high performance payments, security and compliance solutions for enterprises.

Compliance made simple

SecureCo™ delivers a “zero compromise” approach to security and compliance by co-locating all payments processing functions and related business applications in the same secure, PCI compliant hosting environment.

Setting a new standard for confidence, our solution enables businesses to relax in the knowledge they have taken the necessary steps to protect clients from the damage caused by major security breaches.

Our Guiding Principles

Security First: Robust security practices are apparent at every level of our solutions, and within our organisation. It is part of our DNA.

No Compromise: We maintain the highest level of compliance, and empower SecureCo™ partners to hold us to these standards at all times.

Continuous Compliance: Best practice security and compliance is not something that should be looked at once a year, but monitored and adhered to all year round.


Top 7 Reasons Why SecureCo is great to work with.

  • 1. PCI DSS made easy: All hosting and payment switches are co-lodged in our PCI Level 1 audited environment – reducing your costs and complexities of PCI obligations.

    2. Local Innovation: We are Locally owned, operated and managed. With an Australian focused Innovations Laboratory and technical team supporting your business right across Australia. 

    3. Customer service: Our outstanding service team is consistently scored in the high 9’s for Net Promoter Score (NPS) by our customers who trust us to get the integration done on time and who provide industry leading performance reports on your operation for you.

     4. Complete solution: SecureCo offers a complete solution for enterprises wanting to take credit card payments from an online environment through to a securing your call centre enabling your business to take payments over the phone, via SMS or even through a Webchat.

    5. Market based pricing: Our voice calling solutions have some of the best rates on offer in the market. Ranging from toll-free calling plans through to Enterprise calling options, there will be a solution that fits your business needs.

    6. Award Winner:  SecureCo is widely recognised as an industry leader for security across APAC. With the team winning multiple awards, including most recently Oracle’s Innovation Partner of the year in 2018.

    7. Best-of-breed infrastructure:  Our architecture ensures no single point of failure across multiple iterations.  Housed in our highly secure private cloud SecureCo guarantees data sovereignty.  Managed end to end by the team onshore here in Australia.

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      SecureCo Solutions integrates the Cyber Security, Compliance and Payments worlds to deliver a powerful, simple and unified experience.

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